Sunday, January 15, 2012

What A Great Year To Start

OK, where shall i start? erm this is what happen bila dah lama sgt terbantut nak meng-update blog kan. Despite all the 'drama' bibik cabut lari, found lotsa grey hair lately haih, no year end vacations (how i wish i could have some me time with hb macam KG alangkah...syoknya!) Alhamdulillah i got an offered to supply my products to the UCSi Uni Trg Campus cafe. Tx a zillion to a dear friend (you know who you are :D) for recommending my products to the management. Terima kasih sangat-sangat. The first time i went there, i brought some Congo Bars samples, alhamdulillah Dr Kit the COO loved it! Yay! dengan slang mat salehnya he said " Sedap" .  I was over the moon ha ha.

And after almost a week supplying, i got another offer plak... apakah? ...yeah i got an offer to manage the cafe. How cool is that? Bagai pucuk di cita ulam mendatang!Honestly, at first rasa macam "boleh ke i manage the cafe" "what is gng to happen to my home deli", " sapa nak send & fetch the kids from school" " kids homework" and far so many qs pop up in my mind. Oh well, after had a serious discussion with hb, dalam zaman tengah gawat-gawat ni we think that maybe this is the best for us we decided to take the challenge. Siapa tahu rezeki we all ada kat cafe tu. betul tak? i know it's gonna be a tough one at first, but insya Allah, Allah ada. He knows the best. So now hb & i are working on the menu & price listing, and we'll meet up with KakZ for futher arrangement prior to the agreement & all. Pray Hard, hoping everything is going smooth sailing. 

KakZ told me that after 3 months  the current management taking over the cafe, the guy is still not performing.  Sad...Food in the cafe are very lousy, not varieties, no food serve during  tea time.. and still not meet the expectations.. to the extend almost nasi goreng served everyday for brekkie. Not even a toast ya...i repeat not a even a toast for breakfast. Haiya.. Poor the students, esp the international students. 

So insya Allah, if we are giving the chance, we'll try our best to serve them better. And i know for sure i'll be super busy with the cafe and less time with my lappy. hu hu hu.

We'll update more recipes once i'm done with the menu k...i hope this is not too late to wish you all Happy Belated New Year & Salam Maal Hijrah .
Nitey nite! 


  1. woww..this is cool..wish u and abg la all the best... :)

  2. congrats dear and good luckkkkkkkkk

  3. Mutia: thx cuzzie...harap2 apa yg plan menjadi :D

    Eda: tx babe! :D



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