Friday, December 23, 2011

Busy Bee

After more than a week bibik ku lari ...alhamdulilllah i'm coping with all the house chores, my children & orders etc at the same time. Well, for the first few days, it was really tough for me. Really penat! Honestly, from cleaning the dishes, baking stuff urghhh!

But thank God my kids dengan rela hati tolong i. Thanks kiddos! Sampai nak gelak bila my Luqman kata "eee rasa mcm duduk asrama je" lol

Anyway, i'll be busy again this weekend as my closest friend is getting engage, ini betul2 case last minute, but i really hope everything will be smooth sailing...amin..amin...amin....

just finished deco this cute Surprisee Surprise Cake with oreo frosting for Diana's sister hantaran for nikah

With the orders in hand, i really hope i can manage to do it all. Just a self reminder, i kena siapkan 1 cake, 7 bekas dulang hantaran and the simple order yg dah full till sunday...aiyoo sempatkah? i hope so..i better sign out now, besok plan nak bangun awal. nitey nite!

sneak preview of the hantaran :D


  1. thank you so much kak rina...i really really appreciate your help:) tak tau nak cakap mcm mana terharu dan terima kasih sangat2 pd kak rina:)

  2. babe! i know u can do it heheh..gud luck!

  3. Must be very tough on you....kes maid lari. Mana dgn orders, chores lagi. I yg takde orders ni pun dah semput. Can't imagine how you cope. I guess we gotta do what we gotta do.



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