Monday, January 24, 2011

Step-by-Step Fancy Cake Pops

I have several readers, family and friends ask me to post on how-to-do cake pops.  Some of them having a problem when making these - the cake pops keep falling off the stick, trouble when getting the coating on, the coating chocolate crack as they dry and so on. So here i am sharing you some SIMPLE tips & trick on how to make a Fancy Cake Pops.

I made this for my friend sister's birthday party last Dec. Recipe you can take from here

Step one:
Place your cake balls on a cookie sheet you have covered with parchment paper. Having them cool is the key to good dipping. don't make the balls too big, as they will be too heavy and fall.

ready to dipped in ..

Step 2: 
Dip the lillipop stick in the candy melts (i used chocolate coating) before you stick in the pop. Then let it rest and refrigerate for a while.

Step 3:
Deco..Decorate :D it looks simple isn't? jgn tertipu, it's not as easy as they's tricky ahaa

Let the cake pops dry standing up in a Styrofoam block or upside down on a piece of parchment paper. If you are going to decorate with sprinkles dip the cake pops in the sprinkles after you dip in candy melt or if you want a pattern let the cake pops dry and then decorate with sprinkles. To get the coating nice and smooth, please don't forget to add a few tablespoon shortening in the coating. Remember, only melt a few pieces of chocolate bark at a time because it starts to cool and thicken. It's easier to work with when it's hot.


Cake Pops with lollipop plastic cover - ready to be delievered

Fancy Cake Pops..inspired ? Just PERFECT for parties!

Good luck, (i know you can do that too!) please do let me know when/if you post about them!


  1. Kat sana byk jek choice of decorations and casing for baking stuff.... sini mahal nak mati dah lah xbyk choice... mcm bunga2 tu... xde jual pun.. and kalau ada... perghhhh.... bankrupt lah bisness aku... hehehe

  2. dun worry nana, aku dah ready tuk ko boleh pakai tuk ko jelah klo nak jual..mmg btl mcm ko ckp bisa bankrupt:) ada customer x kisah byr lebih janji puas hati kan...aku ingt nak try buat sendiri bunga2 tuh...*berangan mode*

  3. hehe tulah xsabar nak dpt pressie from u.. haish.. sapa lah pulak nak mai sini.. hik..hik..
    eh serius kalau buat sendiri lagi untung kan.. tapi xcukup rajin lah pulak aku... and yet sini nak invest benda2 tu pulak mmg mahal giller.. dan aku xrasa guna selalu pun.. penyakit M tinggi kan...hihi

  4. ko doa2 kan lah..ada org nk g melawat ko kat sana....jgn bg hadiah ni berhabuk suda hihihi mahal lah kan postage nk g sana...even nk g aust pun aku pikir byk kali....baik lg duit postage tuh bli tmbh collection dlm pressie tu heheeh

  5. salam..tumpang tanye..rina beli kt mane yer lollipop plastic cover tu? kat kedai mane? mind to share? emel me ya.. :) TQ

  6. wslm hani, i bought the self adhesive plastic from plastic n container stores in trg and I cut to size. The cello bag for lollipops are very difficult to find in malaysia as they come in just one size, small. Kena improvise sikit



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